Is Cotswold Guardians an AEGIS member?

Yes, Cotswold Guardians has been under AEGIS membership since 2013.

How Are Host Families Selected?

All families and homes are personally inspected by Mrs Sharp and all guardians are police checked to ensure there is compliance with the Child Safe Benchmark and the Protection of Children Act 1999. Clear and appropriate guidelines are provided for the guardians to ensure the safety, welfare and happiness of the student. In addition, the home must be warm and welcoming and provide an environment where the individual can relax, study and have the opportunity to pursue hobbies and interests.

Does Cotswold Guardians Arrange Transport To and From School?

Yes, we can organise and book travel arrangements including airport pick up and drop off and transfers to and from school (administration fees may apply). We will ensure all students are collected from and returned to school by guardians or taxi for Exeat weekends and Half Terms for an additional cost.

Will Cotswold Guardians Make Sure My Child Is Happy Both In and Out of School?

We will provide support for you and your child with close communication with the schools and we will monitor academic progress and general welfare. Cotswold Guardians maintains close communication with all host families to provide support and Anne will personally ensure the welfare and happiness of all students in the care of Cotswold Guardians.
Cotswold Guardians

How Can I Send My Child Money Securely?

We can provide financial support to parents by helping to arrange a UK bank account for easy money transfers. We can also ensure financial control for your child by releasing funds quickly from a deposit held by Cotswold Guardians.

What is the complaints procedure?

In the event of a complaint, from either a host family or student or parent, Cotswold Guardians will endeavour to resolve this situation. In the event that this is not satisfactory, AEGIS will act as the intermediary.