This procedure has been created for
Host families

Cotswold Guardian has always prided itself in providing the highest quality of care for all our students and relationships with parents, agents, and host families. We encourage close relationships with all parties about the welfare of all our students and families.
It’s very important that we all work together to the students’ benefit so that if there is a concern or complaint, it can be actioned immediately in line with the Complaint procedure.

The Complaints procedure works in three simple steps. This should find a resolution at the earliest stage possible,

Step 1 The information resolution

If there is a complaint, no matter how small, Cotswold Guardians should be contacted immediately by phone or email so that the matter can be addressed efficiently and sensitively.

Mobile +44 7733333914

A written record should be logged and the resolution noted and dated.

Step 2 Formal Resolution

This stage will only be instigated when all measures to find a resolution have exhausted in step 1.

This will entail a person to person meeting with the parties involved to establish the findings from step 1 and discuss a way forward.

If the complaint is still to be resolved, then Step 3 will be implemented.

Step 3 Official complaint to Aegis

As a result of the actions of Step 2, with no satisfactory resolution reached, Cotswold Guardians would suggest making a formal complaint to Aegis (Association for the Educational and Guardianship of International Students).
Aegis is an independent registered charity who give impartial support in an ongoing complaint that has not been resolved. They will share their findings to the satisfaction of all parties and the case will be closed.

Timeframe for Dealing with Complaints

All complaints received will be treated very seriously and handled in the most sensitive way possible. Normally this would be resolved within 24 hours but should the resolution reach Step 3, this may take up to 5 working days.

Recording Complaints

All complaints need to be recorded whether at the informal stage or beyond. This can be done on a excel sheet on the computer and a copy sent to all parties for verification.

Record Keeping is an essential management tool with the flowing key information recorded.

Date of complaint raised.
Name of all parties concerned.
Description of complaint.
Record of investigation.
Copies of all correspondence with dates including call and emails.
Witness statements.
Name of staff conducting the process.

Cotswold Guardians are mindful of its obligations under the Data Protection Act 1998 and from (May 20018, the General Data Protection Regulation) to keep such information for no longer than necessary.