Sharp 女士把Judith 视为家庭中的一员,和她关系十分密切,并一直和我们保持联系。我们非常高兴有Sharp 女士这样的监护人。 Irma 和Stephen Gr?ner 德国 2004 年

Sharp 女士作为Alexandra 的监护人,非常友好,周末总是和Alexandra 一起度过。她在那里非常愉快,并有机会参加很多活动,比如购物、骑马和看电影。非常感谢! Kerstin Clippers Cologne,德国 2005 年

您是一位负责任的好母亲,悉心照料我在英国的女儿。我感觉很安全,您还费心教会Cherry 烹饪、让她参加各种活动并帮助她度过在学校学习生活的艰难时刻,我非常满意。您不仅是Cherry 的优秀监护人,还是一位好朋友。 Susan Luo 中国 2006 年


我的监护人是一个和蔼、有爱心的人,就像妈妈一样。她教我们烹饪、缝纫,知识相当丰富。如果我们做家庭作业时遇到不懂的问题,她总是会帮助我们。她始终确保我们穿得够暖,或者给我们开暖气。我们有时会一起看电影。多好的监护人啊! Joyce Lee 12 岁

我已经有幸参观过埃文河畔斯特拉特福等地,并见识了一些英国传统。在德国,我们需要了解英国文化和英国历史。 Eva Wueller 12 岁 德国

我和监护人在一起时,我在期中假可以在当地高尔夫球场打高尔夫球,太棒了。这让我有机会在课余时间练习自己的技巧。 Vivian Yau 13 岁 香港

我非常喜欢在外宿期间到切尔滕纳姆和斯温顿购物。我有更多时间和朋友一起逛街。 Jidapa Kanjanapokin 10 岁 泰国

我住在监护人家时,我们和监护人的朋友以及家人一起烧烤,和他们聊天,在花园里吃东西,感觉非常棒。这些时光非常特别,感觉就像在自己家里一样。 Sarah Goretzki 13 岁 德国


周末外宿期间和期中假,我们家都有几名学生居住,年龄从11 岁到18 岁不等。我们发现他们喜欢参与普通家庭生活、能参加活动或在需要时自己独处。大多数人热衷于更多地了解这里的生活。我们自己的孩子也因为接触各种其它文化背景的人受益匪浅。我们极力推荐这种经历! Paul & Felicity Tutton 切普斯托

作为监护人对我而言,有机会给离家留学的外国孩子们一个家,接触来自各种文化背景的孩子,可以拓展我们对他人的了解。我们还有机会在家中接待陌生人,希望他们成为家庭的一员。 Theresa Salem 赛伦塞斯特

我们非常享受与我们监护的两名女孩维持友谊,并非常欢迎她们到访。我们发现科茨沃尔德监护人的Anne 效率总是极高,总是亲自处理事情。我们始终清楚事情进展,以及计划是否发生变化。Anne 总是时刻准备提供帮助,并能迅速找到解决方案。我们非常高兴能加入科茨沃尔德监护人组织。 Debbie Hewitt 泰特伯里

深入了解外宿期间和我们住在一起的学生的不同文化,是一件很有趣的事情。这能让我们真正认识他们的国外生活——不同国家的不同的食物、消遣方式和信念体系。同时,我们希望让他们充分享受在英国家庭居住,并尝试让他们尽可能融入我们的生活。周六完成所有家庭作业后,主要活动是购物(女孩)或看足球赛(男孩)。周六晚上我们通常去看电影,但有时我们大家会在一起做披萨,然后看录像——年纪较小的孩子喜欢学习烹饪。周日我们通常去当地名胜或动物园,让他们放松,也让他们在离家返校前可以了解一些英国乡村。总之,周末总是很精彩,所有学生都非常礼貌和友好,并非常乐于在家中提供任何帮助。 Kerry 和Andrew Frazer 2006 年

"Our son Carl-Philipp is at home again and is now beginning to develop a sort of home sickness to Taunton. We thank you very much for your help and we will highly recommend you if anyone is in need of a guardian! With kind regards Gerhard Arnold"


Cotswold Guardians homestay agency

"I don't know how to thank you enough for the time of your guardianship and that your services become a big relief for me while my kids have been here in UK. You will always be in my good memories. Thank you very much. Best regards, Kornkanok"

"Thanks again for all of the great help to our family during the past year. We appreciate your excellent arrangement to our kids, in the other hand, I am willing to introduce if there are any of our friends or relatives are going to study in England in the future, you and your company will definitely on our first consideration. Kind Regards, Jenny"

What our Students say

"I have stayed with my guardian every exeat and half term for 4 years now. I really enjoy staying with her, as I feel very comfortable around her. I feel like I’m living at home as I can do what I want, such as watch TV, go shopping, or cooking. She also helps me with my prep and teaches me how to cook. She is my friend and my parent at the same time. She is the coolest guardian." Pop Buranasujja

"When I first meet my host family they welcomed me with an open heart. With thanks to them, I began to learn the culture and the history of England. I’m happy to have such a lovely and caring family. They make me feel at home and I always appreciate the fun as well as the good food! It is never boring in their home, as there are often other students coming from different schools to stay with the family. As a result I have made lots of friends outside my school. I've been staying with this family now for three years. I’m always happy to spend my Absit (Exeat) and Half-Term with them." Yannik Scheurer

Cotswold Guardians homestay agency

"Having a host family means a lot to me. I define it as my second family, as it is somewhere you can totally relax and share problems with. When I first came to England, living with my host family helped me to overcome the difficulties of the totally different life style. Personally, I was thankful that I made the right decision of having a host family." Leona Xu

What our Host Families sayCotswold Guardians homestay agency

"We take pride in providing our students a warm and caring home away from home. What we give is what we would want for our own children, if they were living away from home. For us it feels like having an extended family, with the added benefit on learning about each other’s culture." Karen Hilliard

"I would like to say that hosting students is like a window into another culture in your own home and is, (so-far!), pure pleasure for me personally. I love my house to be full and with my own children now grown and away at boarding school and Universities, it fills that void and gives me something to look forward to. Hopefully, the effect is the same on the student and we can learn so much about each other. I love being a Mum and this allows me to look after someone else’s child in the way I would hope my child would be cared for, if the roles were reversed. Thanks Anne, Michelle Robson"

“We are most grateful for the excellent host families Cotswold Guardians have found for Thai students who have been placed under our guardianship in UK. We look forward to your continued help in finding caring host families for our students in the future.” Angela Cleary, Education Advisor & Head of Private Students Section, Royal Thai Embassy