Terms and Conditions

Our Commitment. We will do everything reasonably possible to ensure the student feels welcome and safe. We will take full responsibility for the child if medical or other emergencies arise. We will take a genuine interest in the child’s school life and academic achievement. We will keep in close communication with the parent, the homestay host family and the school and will notify the parent immediately in the event of a serious problem.

Our Responsibilities. Our responsibilities and those of the family only arise when the child is in the United Kingdom and the school is out of session. We cannot accept any concerns the parent may have about education and pastoral care at school. These must be raised with the school directly.

Fees. Fees means all sums of money charged to the account of the parent under the terms of the contract including any expenses incurred by the family or by us, mileage allowance and to include the cost of any damage caused by the student, other than fair wear and tear. Fees will not be refunded or waived for any reason except at Cotswold Guardians' discretion. Should the balance in credit with Cotswold Guardians fall below that which is considered sufficient to carry out their responsibilities, then further services will be suspended until adequate funds have been received. Cotswold Guardians reserve the right to terminate their responsibilities should accounts not be completely and promptly settled.

Insurance. It is the parent's responsibility to ensure that the child is adequately insured within the United Kingdom and in the event that she/he causes personal injuries, damage, or theft to members of the Guardian/host family or third parties such as the general public. It is the parent's responsibility to insure all of the child’s belongings. This may be done through the school or through Cotswold Guardians.

Legal Liability. The parent understands and recognizes that the discipline and control of the child are essential parts of the service and undertakes to co-operate fully with Cotswold Guardians in these matters. Should there be serious misconduct or misbehaviour by the child Cotswold Guardians reserves the right to terminate this agreement immediately, and in these circumstances shall not be held liable financially liable. All students are subject to British law while they are in the United Kingdom. If damage to the homestay host's home is caused by the child, repairs will be charged to the child’s account and must be paid in full.

Loco Parentis. The parent authorizes Cotswold Guardians and the appointed homestay host family to act in loco parentis in all emergencies including essential medical attention. The parent agrees that as the result of such action neither the appointed homestay host nor Cotswold Guardians be held financially responsible. The parent must complete the student application and acceptance forms. Cotswold Guardians reserves the right to terminate the agreement if these are not signed and returned.

Termination of Contract. Notification of Termination by either party must be given in writing with one term’s notice or the parent will be required to pay for 13 night's accommodation charge plus the termly fee in lieu of notice. On termination of this agreement, any outstanding fees or expenses incurred by Cotswold Guardians must be paid.

Parental Role. The parent is responsible for ensuring the correct travel documents and visas are at all times up to date. The parent must agree not to make a private arrangement for services with a family already appointed by Cotswold Guardians to act as a homestay host family.

Disputes and Claims. Any claims made against Cotswold Guardians, the child, the homestay host family or the parent are subject to British Law.

Customer and Host Family Complaints Policy. We hope to make the experience of dealing with Cotswold Guardians an excellent one and we welcome comments, suggestions and details of satisfaction (or dissatisfaction) about our service. All comments and complaints are dealt with seriously and impartially and are responded to promptly. We aim to acknowledge your comment or complaint within two days and plan to resolve complaints within ten working days. We will draw on information received from customers’ comments and complaints to improve our service. To make a complaint, a customer should contact Anne Sharp directly, either by telephone, email or letter. If things go wrong, we will do our best to resolve matters quickly and fairly.

Contract Changes. These terms and conditions and the documentation may be updated from time to time in order to meet with changing circumstances. All signed contracts will remain the same as set out in the terms and conditions at the time.